How Evaluation Works

Everything you need to know before submitting a portfolio

As a home schooling mom of four, I understand what it means to be evaluated and the work that it entails every year. So I have made this process as simple as possible for my fellow homeschoolers.

- Stacey jones

What you need
to submit

Here is a list of things you should expect when submitting

I require a short synopsis of what your homeschooler has done this past year. This synopsis should cover the following:

  • The curriculum used for teaching (categories can include Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, etc).

  • Any extracurricular activities taken and books read.

  • Any special mentions of your homeschooler’s achievements or information you think will be valuable during evaluation.

If you plan to submit online through email or talk over zoom, provide as many images, pdfs, certificates, or even videos of your homeschooler’s progress throughout the year to backup your synopsis.

These images or videos can include books or curriculum read, homework for math, writing, art, or any extracurricular activities. The idea is to show your homeschooler’s progress of learning, so images or videos of work done at the beginning of the year alongside similar images of work done near the end of the year is the best way to show this.

If you plan on meeting in person, any physical materials of the above you can bring with you.

Once evaluation is done, I will hand or send you the evaluation certificate for your county. This evaluation will be good for one year after receiving it.


what does the florida law say?

According to Florida Statute 1002.41, parents must notify the district school superintendent in writing when establishing a home education program, providing names and birthdates of the enrolled children. The district must register the program without requesting additional information. 

Parents need to maintain a portfolio of educational activities and must conduct an annual evaluation of the student’s progress, which can be done using various methods. Home education students are exempt from school day requirements and can participate in extracurricular activities, scholarships, dual enrollment, and college admissions. School districts may offer certain services to home education students. 

The statute also restricts school districts from imposing extra regulations on home education programs beyond its requirements.

For more information, read the full Florida law at www.flsenate.gov